Monday, October 10, 2011

eh kau ni...

okay okay fine..enough of this. aku taknak tipu diri aku lagi dah okay.. i admit it. yes. i miss her so much. so what? i've tried it..i'm so sorry..

hey stop fighting with another person in yourself. oh my goodness. i know it's so heavy, it's so sad and it's so hard. but you just killing yourself you know that? haih =.=" 
what did you do in your past was totally nasty. that connection was totally rubbish. you have already heard it, right? you realize it or not? you the one who start all of this, right? come on la's not a dream anymore. Just realize it. Terima hakikat.

I know it's difficult but try to swallow it slowly. don't be so hard to push it away. it's up to you to keep it safely or what. but you must accept this. just cool down. wait for the time to change it and only Allah can cure it. believe Him. and i believe you can do this. Change it for your family, for yourself, for her and your future. 

when the time is come, you'll be the one who chase it. i know.

p/s: sorry for those who have no idea what this situation was about.hehehe sorry.

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