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Who Is Tobi?

Caused no idea to story about this time, I purposely take this topic. "Who is Tobi?" Many on facebook/twitters talking about this. Especially anime fans. So, I bring this topic in the blog this time. This is the view of some Naruto fans

Reasons that Tobi isn't Obito:

Plothole Number 1: Tobi’s Power Level (chapters 500-504).
There is no way Obito could turn into an alpha dog shinobi who mastered S/T phasing and teleportation within a 1-2 year time frame. At 15 years old? No way... There is also no way Obito would know how to extract the Kyuubi, hypnotize it, control it like a puppet, and then summon it wherever the hell he wants to. And all of this is supposed to have happened 1-2 years after Obito supposedly died? That’s just not feasible.

Plothole Number 2: Personality U-turn (chapter 241 page 19).
"Of course those in the ninja world who break the rules and regulations are called trash... but those who don’t care about their companions are even worse than trash." Will of Fire talk from Obito. It makes no sense for.
him to suddenly manifest this unwavering vendetta against Konoha unless Tobi is just using Obito’s body as a vessel, in which case, Tobi isn’t really Obito anyway because his soul and spirit have nothing to do with it.

Plothole Number 3: Kushina Quote (chapter 501 page 7).
"Do you have ANY idea how long I’ve waited for this moment?" It’s a complete contradiction for Obito to say something like that when, hypothetically, he wouldn’t have been alive long enough to make that type of comment because Obito would have been 15 years old if he fought Minato. Tobi has probably had to wait DECADES for the opportunity to extract the Kyuubi from its host.

Plothole Number 4: Kyuubi recognised Tobi (chapter 501 page 8 ).
The Kyuubi actually recognises Tobi and possibly knows who he is. If THAT doesn’t convince you, nothing will. The Kyuubi made a direct transfer from being sealed into Mito to being sealed into Kushina, so there is a fundamental contradiction for the Kyuubi to recognise anyone in the outside world when it was sealed for all that time. If the Kyuubi actually recognised Tobi, it means Tobi has to be someone who was alive during Hashirama/Madara’s generation.

Plothole Number 5: Tobi is too tall (chapter 503 page 9).
Tobi was shown to be adult sized when he fought Minato, chapter 503 page 5. But on page 9, Kakashi, Gai, Asuma and Kurenai are all shown to be much shorter as they are going through adolescence. Obito would have been around that size and is therefore too short to be Tobi.

Plothole Number 6: Minato would’ve figured it out (chapter 500-504).
If Tobi was really Obito, then Minato would have figured it out when they were fighting each other. Obito was Minato’s own student and would have recognised his chakra, but he didn’t.

Plothole Number 7: This is HIS doing (chapter 560 page 2).
"This is HIS doing." That means Madara knows exactly who Tobi is, but there is no way Madara could have worked with Obito because Madara had died already. We know this because by the time Nagato gets Madara's Rinnegan from Tobi, Madara is officially dead - "I awakened these eyes shortly before my death." (chapter 560 page 15). This is important because Nagato is older than Minato, and Minato is older than Obito.

Plothole Number 8: Hashirama Comparison (chapter 462 page 14).
Tobi says to Naruto "I can see the first Hokage in you." To make that type of comparison Tobi must have known what Hashirama was like as a person. Problem is, Hashirama was dead before Obito was born.

Plothole Number 9: During Our Battle (chapter 512 page 9).
"This is something I grew from living tissue I stole from him during our battle." Kabuto already revealed the Madara coffin so there was no reason for Tobi to keep lying. So if Tobi actually had a fight with Hashirama there is no way he could be Obito.

Plothole Number 10: Too Much Knowledge.
It is impossible for Obito to know so much about the bloody history between the Senju clan and the Uchiha clan before Konoha was even established as a shinobi village. Tobi has to be someone from that generation. It is also impossible for Obito to know so much about Rikudou Sennin, his sons, the Bijuu and the Juubi.


Plothole Number 11: Nagato is much older than Obito.
Why is this important? Because Tobi GAVE Nagato the Rinnegan. In other words, it is impossible for Obito to have given kid Nagato the Rinnegan because Obito is much younger than Nagato.

p/s: actually, i'm freakinn' curious about this things..huh and sorry, nothing matter with our daily life. Just for fun. I did not write this. I wish I did, but I got it from:-i-am-tired-of-everyone-thinking-that-obito-is-tobi-obito-is-dead-tobi-is-not-obito#4620 

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